Tailored Accommodation

We know having the right base is a big deal, and we're here to help you find the right accommodation that meets your budget.

Whether you're looking for a house, thinking about a flat, or researching the best halls in Prague, use our service to find somewhere that's right for you.

Perhaps you're looking for somewhere close to campus, or you need bills included to make your budget work - whatever you're looking for, we'll help you find it. And if you just want to see what accommodation is available in Prague, simply contact us.

Best of all, our service is 100% free for students. So why not make yourself a drink and start your accommodation search now!

Prague is a vibrant city with many faces. With exciting things happening 24/7 sometimes that can make you feel like you have too much to do in too little time. The streets are always vibrantly busy, making it very 'živý' (typical Czech word, difficult to translate, easier to experience). 

With lively culture and universities offering long-standing reputations, Prague is also a great place for international academics who come for a short study visit or to complete their degree in a wide range of traditional as well as newly-emerging disciplines.

Your Next Step

Contact Us

Contact us and we will arrange a physical meeting or remote call. You will tell us about your preferences when comes to living in Prague. We will tell your how we work in details.

This meeting is non-binding and we do not charge anything for it.

Let Us Find the Place

After you tell us what you are looking for, we take the time to look for the most suitable place.

We consider all your preferences such as desired location, duration, budget, size, number of rooms, furtniture, parking etc. 

Start Living

Once we find the most suitable option, we give you an offer. 

This offer is also non-binding and in case you reject it, we will look for other alternatives.

Once we find your dream place and you accept our offer, we take care of all the legal necessities. All you need to do is to come to Prague, get the keys and start living.

Model Appartments

We offer variety of private and shared flats. We always make sure that the flat has all what the client needs within the budget. Each apartment is therefore unique, however below are some of examples of our apartments.

Spálená 5

The apartment is one bedroom bright spacious with elegant high ceilings typical for the 19th century Prague architecture.

It's situated in a very modern luxurious building, which has been awarded as a Real Estate Project of the Year 2016!

The building is located in the lively city center but the flat is backyard oriented so it's very quiet.

The apartment is 49m sqaured in size and is rented for 580EUR including all utilities.

Sacre Coeur 2

This two bedroom appartment in newly built residential building Sacre Coeur 2 is in a great center location of Anděl however is very quite given it is backyard orianted. 

The appartment has all the furnishing and amenities you need as well as the tenants can freely use other facilities in the building such as parking, shared gym or swimming pool.

It is 70m sqaured in size and is currently rented for 830EUR including utilities.


This cozy one-bedroom fully furnished studio is in the highrise residential building Eliška. 

It is located in the quite neighborhood of Vysočany, which is only 10 minutes by metro to the center.

All facilities including grocery shops, restaurants, gym or cinema are within 5 minutes of walk. 

This studio is 46m squared and is rented for 510EUR including all utilitites.

Prague Marina

Prague Marina is high quality residential housing on the very bank of the Vltava river in the area of Holešovice.

The model flat is fully furnished modern suite. It is suitable for either one person or a couple.

It is 36m squared. The monthly rent including utilities is 460EUR.

And Many Others!

We manage number of units in Prague and the Bohemia region and up to now we gave home to 70+ students. We are proud to say that in most cases our clients extended the contract when possible. 

Contact us to find out what more about our current offer.

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